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General News
Audit finds $4.25 billion diverted from PA road repair to state police

Bucks County
DEP issues ‘draft’ denial of Elcon proposal

Chester County
Avondale to get full-time police protection in deal with regional police

Delaware County
Haverford changes curb replacement ordinance

Montgomery County
North Penn proposed final budget includes 2.3% tax increase

Philadelphia County
Real estate start-up new to Philly offers ‘co-living’ options


Calls to Action


Whenever there is an important public policy issue at the local, state or federal level that requires the input of REALTORS®, we will list it on this page.

While some citizens assume that elected officials don't listen when contacted by their constituents, we can assure you that is not the case. Every voice is important, and the last thing we want any elected official to assume is that our industry doesn't care about an important real estate or home ownership issue simply because they are not hearing from our members.

There is a lot at stake in legislative halls across the country. From the mortgage interest deduction to the realty transfer tax and local real estate inspection laws and regulations, the decisions that politicians make every day impact your business, and the ability of your clients to buy and sell a home.

There is an old saying in Washington that goes like this: "If you're not at the table, you're on the menu!" The way REALTORS® ensure that they are "at the table" during important policy discussions in Washington, DC, Harrisburg or in a local municipality is to make their voices heard!



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