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Pennsylvania to cover the cost of stamps for mail-in ballots

Bucks County
Hilltown delays vote on 194-unit, age-restricted development

Chester County
County makes legal moves before PUC hearings

Delaware County
Rutledge finances force out Keffer as administrator

Montgomery County
Comprehensive plan meeting scheduled in Abington

Philadelphia County
Grassroots group placing homeless families in PHA properties; PHA wants them out


Whose (Sewer) Line Is It, Anyway?

Making sense of sewer laterals beyond the property line

When a municipal sewer lateral inspection reveals a problem that is beyond a homeowner’s property line, who is responsible for fixing it? The answer, many municipalities assume, is that the burden falls on the homeowner.

For example, West Brandywine Township’s sewer ordinance states that:

Maintenance, repair, or replacement of the building sewer between the sewer main and the building served by the building sewer shall be the responsibility of the property owner.

But is this fair, and more importantly, is it legal? Should homeowners be on the hook for expensive repairs that are literally beyond their property line?

This situation has arisen often enough that recently we have been consulting with legal counsel for the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors® to determine if such ordinances are worth challenging. If you have thoughts or experiences to share about this topic, please contact us at via our online form or by email at

Flickr image by Adam Rose (CC BY SA 2.0)

Posted by: Pete Kennedy on Monday, August 27, 2018 at 9:00:00 am


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