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Pennsylvania offers property tax/rent rebate program for seniors

Bucks County
Falls to discuss proposed sewer lateral ordinance

Chester County
County unemployment rate is so low, industries face a ‘labor shortage’

Delaware County
Upper Chichester meeting for Realtors®

Montgomery County
Reports point to ‘vibrant real estate market’ in Montgomery County

Philadelphia County
A thousand new homes are planned next to Graffiti Pier


Have your clients been affected by Lower Bucks municipal authority enforcement?

The Suburban Realtors® Alliance wants to hear from Realtors® whose clients have been affected by the point-of-sale enforcement of easements by the Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority (LBCJMA).

The LBCJMA has in recent years taken a hard-line approach to enforcing easements, leading to reports of homeowners incurring losses in the tens of thousands of dollars because pools and outbuildings, which were properly permitted and inspected by their municipalities, encroached on easements, even by small amounts.

If you have had an experience you’d like to share, contact us via the Alliance website, email or call 610-981-9000.

Posted by: Pete Kennedy on Monday, July 2, 2018 at 12:00:00 am


About 4 years ago I purchased my house in Goldenridge from my parents. We had a large shed as well as a decorative tree that suddenly fell on the easement line. We spent hundreds to have the shed moved to another area in the yard and eventually it had to be torn down because it never was able to settle correctly. My neighbor on one side was also forced to move his shed at the same time we were told to move ours. They never sent another notice for the tree when they came to reinspect but roughly 3 years later they entered my yard through the fence and spray painted the tree. My gate now has a lock so that they can not recklessly enter as I have two large dogs. The house next door has been foreclosed on and has a shed and pool on the easement. It will be interesting to see if I get another notice.
Posted by: Casie Sprague on August 9, 2018 at 1:53:56 pm

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